This is my Ex Webis. I hope for
more to follow. I encourage you
to ask an artist to make your
own, so to add a personal
artistic stamp on your website.



From Ex Libris to Ex Webis

The Ex Libris are placed on books to artistically indicate ownership. 

While thinking of this website's design, I suddenly thought that I could add a touch of art to identify the owner.

So I came up with the following idea: What an Ex Libris is for a book, an Ex Webis could be for a website. Why not? 

It would be the way of adding a stroke of personalized art to certain websites, in order to add a sign of identity by the means of an artist's work.
It could be understood as the evolution into cyberspace of an element so rooted into Latin culture as is the Ex Libris. 

I admit many websites are, by themselves, true artworks, but the Ex Webis would be a sign of distinction, and, as the Ex Libris, they could be the target of collectors, with the advantage of these, unlike their predecessors, are available worldwide through the net.

Ex Webis could be elaborated on paper, just like the Ex Libris, and then digitalized in order to include it in the owner's websites, or it could be created directly on digital format by means of one of the many available graphical design programs. In this case, it would even be possible to create animated Ex Webis. 

This element should be composed, just like the Ex Libris, of an artistic image, including the legend Ex Webis followed by the website owner's name and, optionally, by the creation date and the artist's signature. It would mean "Owner's website". 

Although the catch of the Ex Libris or Ex Webis is to have an artist create the carving, drawing, painting or the graphical design, nothing stops us from relying on our artistically abilities and set off to create our own Ex Webis, or a friend's. Or we could ask a talented friend to create it, even if she isn't a professional artist.

I asked my good friend, artist Jaume Carbonell, to improve this website with the Ex Webis you have already seen.

So, from Barcelona, Mediterranean city, I take the opportunity that the marvelous virtual world of the Internet provides, and encourage all of you to add an Ex Webis to your websites.

And for those who have just discovered the Ex Libris through this website, I encourage you too so you don't miss the joy of acquiring an original, making a determinate number of copies, and placing them on each of your books.

Any comment, critical or favorable, that you might have, you can post on the “guestbook” or simply mail them to the address at the bottom of this page.

I'm not as naive as to believe that there'll be an Ex Webis creative avalanche. In fact, its predecessor, the Ex Libris, is subject to a minoritary use. Nevertheless, many people and institutions use them, or even collect them. In fact, exlibrist associations exist worldwide, in most of Europe, as in the USA, Canada, Japan or China, and so, it isn't that unreasonable to believe some people might like to add an Ex Webis to their sites. So I hope. 

The Author. 


Delicious Ex Webis given to my by my friend José-Ramón Blanco in October of the 2000:

ExweJosMio.jpg (19599 bytes)




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